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Modern Day Business Must-Have

In a recent Forbes article the number one most overlooked “must-have” for small businesses is a verified online listing and number three is having a well-designed website. Having an online website presence is crucial for growth, sustainability and longevity of any small business. With an established website presence your future customers are able to find you with ease and your current customers are one click away from using your services again and sharing your services with others.

The inaccurate detail this article hinted at was what followed. Within saying a website is necessary for any small business, it also mentioned how easy and quick it is to make a website yourself. In a recent conversation, we were told someone spent 40+ hours working to create a website himself. An entire week’s worth of time spent doing a task a professional could have done in a fraction of the time.

The reality of website builders or hiring a professional is bleak, let’s dive into the few options you have as a small business owner with a large need of a website presence.

The reality of DIY website builders and development agencies.

If you are a current small business owner, your options are limited and equally unpromising. The first three options you have are creating a website yourself with a website builder, hiring a large agency or dealing with freelancers. The results are time consuming, cheap feeling, too expensive, unpredictable and your website will always have constant maintenance, so if you are unfamiliar with coding, professional photography, API integrations and SEO, your website will have trouble surviving in the online arena.

Since the biggest need for small businesses is an online presence and having the time to successfully run your business, then why are most options ones that you have to do everything yourself? The pressure to be a CEO and web designer and developer is fictitious.

An online presence is crucial, but knowing how to utilize a website for the growth and sustainability of your business is even more crucial. So what if you could get a website done for you? A hands-off, hassle-free, done-for-you website that runs on autopilot? Luckily for you, we already created that exact solution.

Affordable websites designed, built and managed for you.

The solution is simple. A professional website made for you. Layerly is an all-in-one website solution starting at sign-up through the design and development and launch of your website. We believe you are the best person to run your business, so let us be the best solution for your business’ website needs.
In a complicated-soaked website industry, Layerly exists to simplify. After a decade working with small businesses, Layerly’s CEO repeatedly heard the same three words to explain the hope in having a website: affordable, simple, personal. Layerly tackles all three with one solution.

Layerly offers affordable website solutions that meet any business’ needs via a subscription-based payment plan and customer support with a personal account manager. Layerly connects you to a real person to meet your real needs. With a Layerly account manager, you will talk to a website professional who is based in the US and is a simple text, email or phone call away. They will help you with first-timer concerns and questions to get your business’ done-for-you website up and running and continue the support in the regular maintenance of your website.

Affordable, simple and personal are the end goals when you sign up for a made for you website with Layerly.

Get a website made for your small business today.

Layerly makes professional, handcrafted websites for you. It’s that simple. To get a done-for-you website:

  1. Book a call with a Layerly Account Manager
  2. Sign up for a plan
  3. Get a website made for you in 5 days

Websites made for you are designed, built and managed for you, so you can save time and money running your business. Layerly offers a flat-rate price with free, unlimited website edits and changes. A done-for-you website is the solution, your solution. There will be no more AI conversations, API integrations, no more emailing “support,” DIY designs, or Googling. This is your hands-off, hassle-free, done-for-you solution.

If having a website presence is a must-have for the success of your business, let your website run on autopilot with Layerly. To get a professional, handcrafted website made for you, book a consultation with a Layerly Account Manager today.